20140830MichaelWithBeardThere’s a story behind everything we eat. Some are well-known, others not so much. One such story is that of America’s migrant farmworkers and that’s what this site is mostly about.

I’ve been aware of migrant farmworkers since I was a kid. But only in 2013 did I get serious about understanding this workforce of a million or so laborers, a workforce most American’s don’t even know exists. What is their role in America’s food system? What do they do exactly? How did they come to be farmworkers and what issues do they face? These are some of the questions I try to answer on these pages, for anyone else who might wonder the same.

This is not the only thing I do. My day job is in the financial industry where I manage the development of trading systems. From time I write on financial topics, as in my books All About Derivatives and All About High Frequency Trading. You can read samples of all my writing here.

Michael Durbin
Carrboro, North Carolina, USA