Life goes by. I think about everything I see, and some of what I see I write about. Some of what I write goes here.

I was born in downstate Illinois when John F. Kennedy was in the White House. I was raised in Maryland, spent most of my adult years in Chicago, and moved to North Carolina in 2005 when I heard the barbecue was pretty good.

Today I’m a technology manager and systems analyst for the banking industry. When I’m not doing that I like to write, or support of some amazing non-profits around here, and once in a blue moon do some teaching. On still rarer occasions I remember to take the trash to the curb before the truck arrives.

So that’s me.

You can reach me at michaeldurbin919@gmail.com

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January 2021
Carrboro, North Carolina, USA

Here’s a reasonable facsimile of me

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