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Death by Derivatives
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The Secret Lives of America’s Migrant Farmworkers

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The Eponymous Mr. Ponzi

The little-known story of an age-old scam… Published by Damn Interesting on September 2, 2019… Nobody knows who did it first. Swindlers have been pulling off the scam for centuries, paying existing investors with the deposits of new ones to create the illusion of an incredibly profitable investment opportunity. Before 1920, it was known as … Continue reading The Eponymous Mr. Ponzi

Death by Derivatives

How the opening of a Chicago canal in 1848 led to the birth of modern financial derivatives, and the early demise of some of the men who traded them… Published by Damn Interesting on November 21, 2017… In April of 1873, an unhappy man walked along Clark Street in downtown Chicago. His name was Aymar … Continue reading Death by Derivatives

Foreign Exchange(s)

He made a name for himself organizing the world’s most important economic conference, only to have it tarnished by an outrageous accusation. Here’s my story of Harry Dexter White, published by Damn Interesting.

The Secret Lives of America’s Migrant Farmers

Published on Narratively on September 3, 2014… An innovative college program opens privileged young eyes to the million undocumented laborers who toil away in an invisible America. Story and photos by Michael Durbin… It’s early June at Camp Chestnut Ridge in Efland, North Carolina. Towering pines outside the dining hall are still dripping after a … Continue reading The Secret Lives of America’s Migrant Farmers

All About Derivatives

This is the book I couldn’t find when I started working with derivatives: A primer I could read on the train with just enough detail to cover the basics of what financial derivatives are all about, with emphasis on the basics–what they are, how they are used, and the risks of using them unwisely. Here’s … Continue reading All About Derivatives